the database for
user-owned data

Basic is the easiest way to build privacy-centric apps, by letting your users control their data.

How it works

Basic creates personal data stores for every end user, which applications can access if given permission. This gives apps a fast and easy database, while letting users ultimately retain ownership over their data.

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Traditional apps:

traditional apps

Basic apps:

traditional apps


  • Privacy

    users retain full ownership and control over their data - sensitive data doesn't touch your servers
  • Interoperable data

    integrate data from other apps and let apps build on top of yours - without any extra work
  • EZ PZ

    no need to store or pay for user data - no more expensive cloud bills

Use cases

  • Local-first

    offer backups, multi-device support, and collaborative features to your local-first app
  • Private apps

    offer data ownership and end-to-end encryption, without building anything extra
  • Decentralized

    store user data off-chain, while keeping it private & self sovereign, without relying on centralized providers